Product introduction

Product introduction

  • Forget the LED mask!
    Dome-type LED
    Whole Body Skin Care Device

    Premium LED Light Therapy

    The time your skin becomes beautiful. Therapy in the skin
    10 minutes a day is enough.

  • CELON PURE patent
    LED current control circuit technology

    Premium LED Light Therapy

    PCB using LED current control circuit technology
    Carefully managed by adopting medical LED lamp and convex lens

  • CELON PURE's exclusive technology
    Best wavelength band for skin care

    Premium LED Light Therapy

    3 ~ 10 times more light than other products
    The wavelength band that is suitable for management comes out exactly.

3color, LED Therapy

1,160 LEDs perfectly quickly penetrate the dermis layer
in the skin to light up your skin.

The effect is different depending on the wavelength of light,
so you can feel the beauty effect faster by applying the light suitable for your skin.

  • Red (wavelength 630nm) Helps to improve skin brightness, improves skin density, Stimulates collagen to help skin elasticity.
  • Blue (wavelength 423nm) Helps to adjust oil / moisture balance, Helps to calm skin
  • Purple (Blue+RED) Multicare for Busy Modern People Red LED light stimulates collagen to help skin elasticity Blue LED light balances and helps calm skin
  • IR (infrared rays) Helps heat effect and skin activation

* This device is a skin care device, not a medical device, and does not provide any medical effects or virtues, in addition to cosmetic effects.
* Effects may vary depending on individual skin types.

What is near-infrared ray?

Near-infrared ray penetrates the dermis layer in the skin,
Lightens skin tone and helps improve skin texture.

Far-infrared ray Penetrates up to
0.5mm of skin
Near-infrared ray Penetrates up to 6 mm
(dermis layer) of skin

whole body beautyproduct

CELON PURE LED Therapy is a dome-type product.

Unlike other products, CELON PURE LED masks
As a dome type product, enables whole body management such as head, body and legs.
You do not need to purchase hair, body and neck products separately.

CELON PURE LED Skin Care Device provides whole body care for the head, body and legs.

Unlike other products, CELON PURE LED Therapy

Doesn't adhere to the skin, doesn't get moisture when breathing and has a
protective patch or transparent acrylic treatment around the eyes
So, enables management to the area around your eyes.

CELON PURE whole body LED Skin care device VS LED mask
CELON PURE whole body LED skin care device advantages LED mask advantages
Whole body use (economical)
(Example: 1.6 million won mask, 800,000 won neck, 2.3 million head based on Company C)
Cover effect for entire area of use by keeping LED light a little farther away and spreading light with convex lens
Solves hygiene problems with moisture when breathing in a non-contact form
Can be used during sleep as it is not stuffy and does not press down on skin
Wide area for face-to-neck management at a time
Smaller volume makes it easy to store and carry around
Wireless produc
CELON PURE hole body LED Skin care device Shortcoming LED Mask Shortcoming
Difficult to carry due to volume
Wired Product
Can be used only on certain parts such as face
Only around LED chip is effective due to LED light limit
Limitation of battery use (instability of output for supplying a certain wavelength range in skin care)
Close to the face, moisturizing when breathing and may cause hygiene problems
Gets smeared when using cosmetics
Impossible to use when sleeping due to the face pressed and stuffy during use.
LED light A4 paper transmittance test
A4 paper LED transmittance test against CELON PURE L and C products
(Preparation: Sketchbook 2ea, CELON PURE, C Company, L Company LED Mask)
CELON PURE's exclusive technology
Best wavelength band for skin care
LED current control circuit patent

Wavelength band suitable for management

Korea Photonics Technology Insititute Test
CELON PURE products have 3 ~ 10 times more light
than domestic 1st and 2nd mask products,
and the wavelength band suitable for management comes out exactly.

CELON PURE's patent
Carefully manages by adopting PCB, medical LED lamp and convex lens with LED current control circuit technology

By controlling the LED brightness with PCB design applying patent 10-1579521 LED current control circuit technology, increases more light quantity and longer LED lifespan

Prevents low temperature burn by securing heating plate and air hole

  • convex lens

  • Heating plate

  • Air hole

※Caution! Similar copies from China are in circulation,
Be sure to check out the genuine CELON PURE, which has a patent and design right!

Before & After
See the vivid pictures before and after for those who used the CELON PURE LED skin care device!

At the time of purchase or free trial, after applying the CELON PURE-Double Permeate Ampoule sufficiently after washing your face, using CELON PURE only once, 10 minutes, you can experience a different skin. Apply ampoule after cleansing, take a picture after using CELON PURE and contrast it yourself. You can see the difference.

Validated technology ensures your safety.
  • Patent

  • Design registration card

  • Trademark registration card (No. 40-1547706)

  • ISO 14001/9001 Certificate

  • KS certification
    Electrical Equipment Safety Certificate

  • Electromagnetic Certificate

  • Excellent Technology Competency Company Certificate

  • Venture company certificate

CELON PURE LED Therapy is a foldable dome-type product
that is easy to store and has excellent interior effect.

Product Name
Instructions on how to use
  • Connect the adapter
    and turn on the power switch.

  • Set LED level via
    LED operation button.

  • Set management via button.

  • Set the time and press
    the start button.

Product composition
  • Main body

  • Adapter

  • LED Eye Protection Patch

  • Instruction Manual / Warranty

Product specification
Product name CELON PURE dome-type LED Skin care device
Model name CPL-290IR
Power DC 24V / 2.5A / 60Hz
LED Red. Blue, Red+Blue, IR
Size 473 * 484 * 343(mm)
Weight 4Kg (±10%)
  • Double Permeate Ampoule

    CELON PURE Double Permeate Ampoule [50mlX2]

    When purchasing this product, you will receive 2 CELON PURE Double Permeate Ampoules !!

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