A/S Guide

CELON PURE’s warranty and nationwide shop guide

  • +82 1544-9459
    weekday: 0900 ~ 18:00
  • ID: celonpure
  • After purchase, repairs are free of charge within one year.
    Free repair only applies to the instrument body.
  • Free repair is not possible if the product safety instructions in the user manual are not followed.
    Therefore, please note the following.
    1) If you pull the adapter and the contact area is broken or the power line has a bad contact, it will be excluded from the warranty period.
    2) Any other use, disassembly or modification of the product by the user is also excluded from the warranty period.
  • 1) One year after the product purchase warranty, and caused by the customer's negligence and maintenance equipment during the warranty period
    2) This includes damage caused by disasters such as shocks, fires, earthquakes, and power outages.
    3) It is the case that the customer disassembled the product without permission and the product was modified or the user did not notice the damage.
  • 대구남구
    이동형 +82 1577-6772
  • 대구수성
    양호찬 +82 1577-6772
  • 대구달서
    노애정 +82 1577-6772
  • 대구북구
    이상민 +82 1577-6772
  • 대구북구
    장재희 +82 1577-6772
  • 대구동구
    장재희 +82 1577-6772
  • 대구달성
    김도엽 +82 1577-6772
  • 대구중구
    김재훈 +82 1577-6772
  • 대구서구
    김준락 +82 1577-6772